Rotating Cone Tactile Equipment

Rotating Cone Tactile Equipment

There are several different types of traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings used in the UK and Radix Traffic have developed Tactile Equipment to suit all of them.

Radix Tactile Indicators are typically used where the audible bleeper could lead to dangerous confusion, or where it would cause a noise nuisance. Several quick and easy-to-fit models are available as follows:

CU/TU100 Universal Tactile Equipment (230V )
All crossings had the pedestrian signals situated on the far side of the road with a standing red man signal to indicate that you should not cross, and a walking green man to indicate the “invitation to cross” period. When the crossing is associated with Road Junction Signals there is no further complication but at a Pelican Crossing there is also a flashing green man period warning the pedestrians not to begin crossing but allowing them to reach the opposite side of the road. The CU/TU100 Universal Tactile Equipment can be programmed to operate safely in either condition.

ITE200 Integrated Tactile Equipment (48V)
Many of the most recent pedestrian crossings use Puffin, Toucan or Pegasus signals. In these cases the signals (red and green man indicators) are placed adjacent to the push button on the same side of the road as the waiting pedestrian.

This removes the possibility of confusion arising when the signals change to red whilst the person is still crossing the road.

For safety reasons these signals are driven from a 48V so Radix Traffic have introduced a small Integrated Tactile Equipment, the ITE200, that can be fitted as a single unit inside the push button box. As well as reducing the cost of the Tactile Equipment itself, the installation costs are much lower.

ITE220 Including Fault Monitor and Remote Enable (48V)
All the advantages of the ITE200 plus an isolated fault monitor output and a remote enable facility. This model is suitable for use in all types of ELV pedestrian crossings.

ITE221 for Temporary/Portable Signal Crossings (12V dc)
A variant of the ITE 220 specifically designed for use at temporary/portable traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings running at 12V dc.

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Tactile in use ITE220 CU100 ITE200

The high quality and extremely reliable Tactile Equipment only require extremely low power, and are therefore highly efficient and cost effective. To obtain the power consumption figures for each Tactile Equipment, download the consumption figures from the product downloads page.