RTM Magnetometer Vehicle Detector

There is a significant cost involved in maintaining and replacing traditional inductive loops for vehicle detection at signalised junctions. The Radix Traffic vehicle detector provides local authorities and other users with an low cost alternative solution.

The Radix Traffic RTM300 sensor, based on well proven magnetometer technology, is very quickly and easily installed inside a duct beneath the road surface, without the need for expensive traffic management and without disruption to traffic.

The sensor then communicates with the Radix Traffic RTM500 standard ‘Eurocard’ interface card installed inside the local signal controller cabinet over legacy or new loop feeder cable.

The Radix Traffic below ground detector solution can be used for VA, SCOOT and MOVA applications and is ideal for the replacement of failed inductive loops or for new installations where loops or other vehicle detection technology is being considered.

RTM300 Below Ground Sensor

  • Typically installed inside ducts quickly and easily without the need for road closures.
  • Cannot be easily damaged, as the sensor is typically installed at a depth of between 150mm and 600mm beneath the road surface.
  • Ingress Protection (IP68) rating to withstand the wet / hostile environment often found in underground ducts.
  • Up to 4 Radix Traffic RTM300 sensors can communicate to a single Radix Traffic RTM500 Interface Card installed in the traffic signal controller cabinet.
  • Long design life of 15 years - very low cost of ownership over the life of the product compared to inductive loops.
  • Meets the requirements of Highways Agency Specification TR2512A “Performance Specification for Below Ground Vehicle Detection Equipment”.

RTM500 Interface Card

  • Standard 3U 160mm Eurocard design allows direct plug in replacement for a TR2512 specified loop detector card.
  • Easily selectable sensitivity and presence settings via the front panel.
  • Front panel LEDs provide indication of fault status and detection output status.
  • Meets the requirements of the Highways Agency Specification TR2512A (Appendices A-D), “Performance Specification for Below Ground Vehicle Detection Equipment”
  • Meets the requirements of the Highways Agency Specification TR2523A, “Traffic Control Equipment Interfacing Specification”.

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