Our Products

Radix Traffic have developed a range of high quality and cost effective products which are wholly designed, manufactured and tested in the UK.

Rotating Cone Tactile Equipment - find out more
Visually impaired and blind people cannot see the ‘green man’ indication at pedestrian crossings and may get confused by the audible ‘bleep’ on an adjacent crossing. A rotating cone fitted to very many of the pushbutton boxes gives an unambiguous indication of the safe crossing place and period.

Radix Traffic supply several different types of their Tactile Equipment to suit all current types of pedestrian crossings.

RTM Magnetometer Vehicle Detector - find out more
The Radix Traffic RTM Magnetometer Vehicle Detector uses changes in the earth’s magnetic field to detect vehicles passing over it. The magnetometer sensor is installed in a duct beneath the carriageway and is wired to the Radix interface card inside the controller using existing or new loop feeder cable.

The ease of installation and the reliability of the sensor makes it ideal as a low cost replacement for existing loops and as a long term solution to carriageway resurfacing and other maintenance.

For more detailed information on all of the above products, please simply navigate to the relevant pages using the buttons above. Alternatively if you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact Radix Traffic on 01794 511388.